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Book Reviews

Independent authors rely heavily on reviews. I would b e forever grateful if you would be so kind to leave a honest review! Please take a moment to leave a book review! Follow button below.

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Jeffery Reed

This book is a new family classic! My two young daughters beg me to read this book to them every evening! The goofy, fun, quirky story line and illustrations immerse the whole crowd into a world of pure imagination and laughter! The book really sucks you in and allows you to be, well, just a kid again! My girls love monsters now, no more requests at bedtime for Daddy to “check for monsters under the bed or in the closest!

Allison Weist

A colorful and engaging read for children of all ages. The book is full of all kinds of food, animals and a few friendly monsters that make it interesting read after read for both the kids and adults!

Ms. Kelly-Elementary Teacher

What a fun and engaging book for kids! Vibrant and colorful illustrations that allow your kids imagination go wild. The silly situations create an enjoyable adventure for kids. As a elementary teacher this is a must snag if you want to bring some fun into your picture book collection or school library!


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